Responsive Website Development

izdelava spletnih strani

With effective planning and website development, we help your company evolve.

  • We make sure your potential clients find your website quickly in search engines.
  • We convince the visitor to contact you – your website becomes your best salesperson.
  • We make it possible for you to self-manage your website in a quick and easy way.


A successful and marketing oriented website incorporates the following guidelines and trends:


Unique Design

We create a unique website proposal.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine-friendly content and structure.


Easy Usage

Intuitive navigation and simple user paths.


Call To Action

Encouraging the visitor to take action (click, buy, request a quote).


Responsive Design

Supporting different devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet).


Quality Design

Take advantage of our 10 years’ experience and become competitive on the web as well.



»It was only when our website was renewed by Novi Splet, did we find out what it means to have an effective website. We hardly had any online requests before, but once we entrusted the renewal to Novi Splet, the influx of new online customers increased drastically. Novi Splet now runs all our online marketing activities which is very beneficial for the spreading of our company…«

Robert Ogorevc,
Chairman of the Board, Vizija Rańćunovodstvo Ltd.

What is the process of making a website?

1. Website planning

The whole process of web design starts with discovering your needs, desires and goals. We talk about this extensively on our opening meeting where we also provide specific advice. Together we decide on the website design and what marketing strategies we will choose to reach the intended goals. In our company, all necessary experts are involved in planning of the website: the designer prepares the concept of the website, which is then checked by our user experience expert. Before website development takes place, the programmer and the SEO specialist get involved in the project as well.

2. Design

Our experienced designer creates a suggestion of a unique website design especially for you.  Every step is well considered in advance; each button is carefully planned and positioned to ensure your new website convinces the users to make contact with you. We discuss and harmonize the suggested design with you.

This phase is extremely important since a compelling design and a good content architecture are the two indicators of a well-managed and successful company. They also provide the user with the feelings of trust and comfort. This way you will gain great trust of your (potential) customers.

3. Development

After we harmonize the design, we undertake the technical development of your website. During this phase, you can track the progress of the construction on a test address, where you can access the working version of your website. Our team of programmers is always up to date with current technical standards and future guidelines, which guarantees your new website will be built in a long-lasting and reliable way. The final stage of website development is testing of the website functioning and its quality, followed by uploading the website to the server.

Content Management System (CMS)

A simple and reliable CMS gives you complete control over the content of your website. You can now perform all updates by yourself or we can do it for you on your request.

  • You can add new pages to your website with just a few clicks.
  • You can change images, videos or text on all your web pages.
  • You can track your website traffic statistics.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO expert makes sure your website is built in a way that ensures high ranking in search engines, allowing your customers to find you fast. He is on the project from the very beginning, because careful coordination is needed already in the planning phase of your website for an efficient SEO.

Much emphasis is placed on the content distribution. We will build you a marketing-effective website with logically designed and market-oriented content. On completion of the project, we are available for website maintenance.

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