Repayment for our efforts.

The best reward for our good work is when customers praise us and say that they are extremely satisfied with our work. It is even better when we work with customers for years, or they return to us for a new website after years of successfully doing business. But we are particularly pleased when a client gives us permission to publish their photo and sends us a few words of recommendation!

Robert Ogorevc,
Chairman of the Board,  Vizija Računovodstvo Ltd.,

Vizija Računovodstvo Ltd.

“It was only when our website was renewed by Novi Splet, did we find out what it means to have an effective website. We hardly had any online requests before, but once we entrusted the renewal to Novi Splet, the influx of new online customers increased drastically. Novi Splet now runs all our online marketing activities which is very beneficial for the spreading of our company…”

Zvone Šeruga,

“I have a new website now and a lot of people have said to me, “This one is really good. It’s visually attractive and very transparent – who designed it?” Novi Splet, of course – by now, it almost feels like being a part of the team because of all the work we have done together. “And how did you find them?” Simple enough – I typed WEB DESIGN in a search engine and they were at the very top. So, I said to myself – if they can reach the top despite strong competition, they can’t be bad. Still I did look around a bit, to check the prices. The pricing was more or less similar but I had a feeling that they could be good. And so we got to work. All went great; on the first day we agreed to use the intimate forms of address, and by the end of the first month things began to take shape and in the middle of the second month, I – the computer dummy – was successfully trained on how to take editorial matters into my own hands. Now I do this with great pleasure. Because I really think that we created something good together and that this good foundation can grow beautifully in the following months and years. There are still a lot of things I don’t know yet, but after all, we’re all friends and we all got phones, “Jože, Matej, Tina… How’s that done again?”

So, with an easy heart and without hesitation: NOVI SPLET – I strongly recommend! If you don’t believe me, check out www.zvoneseruga.com – a very fine piece of work, don’t you think?”

Mirjam Kepic,
Public Relations,  Radio HIT,

Radio HIT

“By changing the website provider, Radio HIT managed to ensure more user-friendly and simple website, where our visitors can easily find everything they are looking for. Also, the website’s file uploading system is so simple, it saved us quite a few hours and we are more than pleased with it. We no longer have to wait for a desired change on the website – it can be done within the same hour (of course it depends on the complexity of the intervention). There are no words to describe what a wise and economically smart decision it is to choose the Novi Splet company. Their flexibility (which is of extreme importance for a radio website) is top notch. Choose Novi Splet, you won’t regret it!” 

Tamara Belšak,
Public Relations Advisor,  Cetis d.d,

Cetis d.d

“If you can get on terms with computer specialists and explain to them what you want and they actually understand and implement the ideas, as you imagined them, then this is IT! They do not complicate, they do not write contracts that non-IT experts do not understand. They are everything you would expect from a business partner: they are reliable, they meet their deadlines, they listen and give advice, they do their job, they are flexible and you can arrange everything with them. I am so glad we found you, Novi Splet, and that it was you that we chose for such a complex project as a renovation of a business website.”

Jan Plestenjak,

“The Novi Splet team is very professional and creative. It was my pleasure working with them and I firmly believe they have a great future full of success ahead of them.

Matej Špehar – Racman,
Program Director,  Radio Aktual,

Radio Aktual

“They found themselves faced with a challenging task, left on a road with no signposts. Not only did we managed to walk the path quickly, we defined the coordinates that others now follow. And our journey is still long.” 

Ksenja Klepec,
Najdi.si – TS Media LLC,

Najdi.si – TS Media LLC

“Extremely professional approach and quick responsiveness!”

Zdravko Dojčinovič s.p.,
Gradbeništvo ,  Grading - Domprojket,

Grading - Domprojket

»Moram sporočiti, da sem izredno zadovoljen z delom, ki smo ga opravili skupaj z podjetjem Atribut d.o.o.. Skupaj smo sestavili po mojem mnenju eno zelo lepo spletno stran, ki še dolgo časa ne bo zastarala. Željko, Blaža in Meto iz podjetja Atribut d.o.o. moram pohvaliti, da kljub mojim velikim željam in zahtevam niso nikoli delovali amatersko ampak so vse moje želje izpolnili profesionalno z izredno profesionalnim pristopom. S tem hočem povedati, da stranki pustijo, da svojo spletno stran naredi po svoje brez nekih brezveznih vsiljevanj, itd..., v primeru, če pa potrebuješ, kakšen predlog ti pa ga izredno hitro in kvaltetno zagotovijo. To je moja druga spletna stran in mislim, da ne bom ostal samo pri dveh.«

Darko Bradassi,
Editor-In-Chief,  http://www.slomedia.it

“The excellent Novi Splet team largely contributed to the success of our website. Many kind words were said about the functionality and usability of our webpages in the former neighboring countries and on different Slovene forums as well; we appreciate it a lot. But above all, many thanks to the whole Novi Splet team that uphold basically all our wishes. Selfless, experienced and patient programmers still help us upgrade the technical part on daily basis. Thank you very much.”

Ribar Damjan, dipl.oec,
Računovodska hiša Eurofinance LLC ,

Računovodska hiša Eurofinance  LLC

»I chose them based on a free draft that they created. Following their advice, I also placed the website among the sponsored links on the search engine Najdi.si and I am more than pleased with the result, since, on a daily basis, I receive requests for quotes from our customers via the online form on our website. I would also commend them on their expert approach and professionalism.

Matej Remic, BSc,
Optotek LLC,

Optotek LLC

»From the very first response to our call for proposals, the making of a draft, the common search of the most appropriate solutions to the final launch of our new website, the Novi Splet team showed motivation and incentive in finishing the project successfully and on time. With their propositions, finding the final solution was easy. Though we were under considerable time pressure, we relied on their plan, which ultimately proved to be a wise decision.”

Tina Pavčnik,
Director,  Tajništvo LLC,

Tajništvo LLC

“You were the first to offer us website rental services! Given that our website needs frequent editing, the website rental service with monthly fee is the right way for us. The response is good, though using this type of service maybe spoiled us a little. You people are professionals, no doubt about it.” 

Zlatko Pehlič,
Head of the moving company Expert LLC,  Expert LLC,

Expert LLC

“I appreciate knowledge, reliability and responsiveness – and these are definitely key characteristics of the Novi Splet agency. With their ingenuity and determination, by creating two websites and running online advertising campaigns with their help and supervision, I have managed to expand my business (and it’s still growing). It is of great help in the daily operation of my business to know that I can always turn to noviSplet.com with whatever question I might have.

Miran Bevc,,
River LLC,

River LLC

“The reason I chose Novi Splet was mostly because a friend, whose opinion I value highly, recommended it to me. After the first meeting, I knew I came to the right place, since their conduct was very professional, open and of high quality. They inspired confidence in me, really listening to my wishes and uniting them with their knowledge and experience.

During the designing process, it was my great pleasure working with them as they have inspired me to strive for excellence in quality. At the same time, they were so highly organized, they set an example to me of how I could even in my own company have such an attitude towards work and team spirit. 

Already after the first website draft, it was clear that the people at Novi Splet really understood my wishes and implemented them in what was the best way for me. In the end, we captured and highlighted together (I with the content, they with the design) exactly what was the goal from the beginning. Frankly, I think that the objective was even exceeded.

Upon the launching of my new website it is with pleasure that I recommend Novi Splet – if you are still not sure, you can check on www.river.si.”

Dr Marko Peršič,
Studio BIOMAX,


“Hello, noviSplet.com team! :)

I am happy to inform you that I am very pleased with the renewal of my website. I would like to thank you for your excellent work and ideas.

Thank you and, of course, we will keep in touch,

Marko Peršič”

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