Online Marketing

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We plan and execute online marketing campaigns that will increase your sales and help you reach more customers with minimal costs.

  • With our knowledge and experience, we guarantee our customers get the greatest return on investment for a minimum contribution.
  • With social networks, we help you reach potential customers in the trendiest ways possible.
  • Each campaign is carefully planned – where, how and when to advertise so that your investment has the highest return.


With online marketing, you can achieve more!

With the help of online advertising, we help you open new sales channels and communication options. We cover the entire spectrum of advertising and sales promotion via the Internet.

Our work is fast-paced, professional, and above all comprehensive. Each project begins with setting goals you want to achieve and based on that we proceed with the planning of the online promotion strategy. We make sure you succeed by choosing the right online advertising method.


Google advertising

One of the most common form of online marketing is Google advertising. Google advertising allows you to reach the visitors, who are actually interested in your offer, since your ads appear only when someone enters your keywords. Cost per click (CPC) advertising is extremely accurate, measurable and maximizes the return on investment.

If your website does not appear on the first page of search engines, 80% of seekers will visit the website of your competition. With online advertising, you can reach the highest places of search results and outrun your competition.

Advertising campaign is carefully planned. Together we determine the financial framework, the keywords that will bring success, the advertising period and the target audience. We optimize your online campaign in a way that it will pay off the most!


Social Network Advertising

The biggest and the fastest growing social network today is Facebook. In addition to the free option of creating a company profile or so-called “fan page”, Facebook also has the option of advertising. Facebook advertising allows you to target your ad to customers that you want to reach (based on location, gender, education, age, marital status and personal interests).

With Facebook advertising you can raise the profile of your company/brand, create new sales channels, increase website traffic, and consolidate customer loyalty. With us, you can start exploiting the opportunities offered to you by social networks.


Classic Online Advertising

Classic advertising or wide-range advertising is suitable for the presentation of new products/services, and for consolidating and building brand awareness.

Unlike advertising on search engines, where ads are targeted to a specific user, banners capture a wide range of web users. Research shows that both types of advertising bring great results.

Depending on the desired advertising goals we select the most suitable web portals for displaying banners. Banners can be displayed on websites with high traffic (,,,,, etc.) and on various advertising networks.


Web Banner Design

We create all kinds of web banners (animated banners, static banners, etc.) of different dimensions. The web banner design is always custom-made, tailored to your business, your advertising goals and your target group. When designing the banner we take into account the background of the portal, where it will be displayed, to achieve better response.

With our marketing and creative ideas, we have created several banners for companies of various activities. Here are some examples:

Do you want to be more visible on the web, have better conversion of visitors into customers? Do you want your customers to return to your website? Work with us through Google advertising, Facebook advertising and advertising on the portal. We will make sure you succeed on the web!

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